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Leaders in Developing and Applying Genomic Technologies

The Genomic Revolution promises the discovery of targeted approaches for treating disease. Innovations like CRISPR-based genome editing and comprehensive epigenomic profiling can inform, streamline and accelerate drug target discoveries, but piecing together this complex puzzle requires an interdisciplinary approach.

The Center for Advanced Genomic Technologies (CAGT) has assembled a team of world-leading engineers, scientists and physicians to integrate these technologies to unravel disease biology and discover new drug targets. By working together, we will catalyze a more robust biotechnology enterprise.

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Circos plot displaying data from drug-modifier CRISPR screens. The screen conducted in the presence of ABT-199 is shown as a cutout with annotations from the outermost rim: genes ranked from most sensitizing (rank = 1) to most resisting (rank = 2,390); scatter plot of corresponding gene essentiality score; drug-modifier score (shown in replicate), colored to depict sensitizers (red) and resisters (blue). Gene–gene relationships that exhibit AP between drug screens are indicated by purple connections.

March 31, 2020

Setting a trap for drug-resistant cancers

By Alissa Kocer A cancer patient and his family sit in a doctor’s office waiting to see how well he is responding to treatment. As the doctor pulls up his scans, all of the air in the room seems to vanish. When the doctor says, “Your tumor has shrunk and is almost gone!” A collective sigh of relief [...]

Congratulations MEDx Colloquia award recipients: Charlie Gersbach, Edward Smith, Simon Gregor, Xiling Shen, Jessilyn Dunn, Raluca Gordon

March 5, 2020

Four CAGT Faculty among MEDx Coloquia Award recipients

Four CAGT faculty are represented in the 2020 MEDxColloquia Awards. These colloquia are designed to bring together physicians, engineers, computer scientists, data analysts, and basic and/or clinical researchers with a desire to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to solve complex problems and inspire innovation in medicine.

headshots of maria ciofani and kris wood

February 28, 2020

Ciofani and Wood receive tenure

Center for Advanced Genomic Technologies Steering Committee Members Maria Ciofani and Kris Wood have recently been awarded tenure. Congratulations to you both!