Creating Outstanding Opportunities for Postdoctoral Trainees (CO-OPT) In Genomic Technologies

A whole new way for postdocs to find their best fit

Creating Outstanding Opportunities for Postdoctoral Trainees (CO-OPT) in Genomic Technologies is a postdoc recruitment event hosted by the Center for Advanced Genomic Technologies (CAGT). The event invites a group of prospective postdocs to share brief presentations of their own research, learn about exciting projects currently underway in CAGT, meet with current trainees, and explore future research opportunities in labs of interest during 1:1 discussions. 

Prospective postdocs will be selected based on past experience; how their research interests fit with faculty interests, ongoing projects and other opportunities; strong record of training and scholarship; and originality of ideas that spark new and impactful lines of study in CAGT. 

Application Instructions:

  • Compile all application materials into 1 PDF file, and email them to Michael Humphreys ( with the subject "CO-OPT 2024 Application".
  • Application Deadline: November 30, 2023
  • COOPT Event: April 22-23, 2024

Application Materials:

  • Current CV
  • Statement of Research Interests (3 pgs)
    • Provide a summary of past and current research contributions, and future research interests. Describe how your interests might specifically overlap with focus areas within the Duke Center for Advanced Genomic Technologies.
  • Statement of Contributions for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Building (1 pg)
    • Provide a summary of how you have contributed directly or indirectly to efforts that foster a diverse and inclusive work environment as well as a collaborative and collegial research community. Plans for future efforts could be described as well.
  • Letter of Support from current advisor (1 pg)