Anoop Patel joins Duke, CAGT

September 6, 2022

We are excited to welcome Anoop Patel, MD, associate professor of neurosurgery, to the CAGT community.

Patel graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School and completed residency as well as a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. He comes to Duke from University of Washington where he was an assistant professor of neurosurgery.

Patel is a brain tumor surgeon and researcher. He specializes in caring for patients with brain tumors, both benign and malignant, with a special focus on intrinsic tumors of the brain, including glioblastoma and metastasis.  

In the lab, Patel uses cutting-edge single cell genomics to investigate tumor heterogeneity in glioblastoma and brain metastases. He has a particular interest in translational genomics and precision medicine and is interested in developing clinical trials that match patients with individualized therapies based on single cell profiling. His current funding includes a Career Award in Medical Science from Burroughs Wellcome Foundation for research in “deep interrogation and modeling of intratumoral heterogeneity, plasticity, and tumor evolution in glioblastoma,” as well as grants from the Kuni Foundation, Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, and NINDS.