The Center for Advanced Genomic Technologies (CAGT) highlights, supports and promotes the strong genomic research landscape at Duke and builds on its efforts in genomic technology to understand and treat human disease.

Our Mission:

To support and expand a world-class scientific program in genome sciences and engineering, train the next generation of genome scientists and engineers, and distribute our results and activities to the scientific community.

Our Approach:

We support interdisciplinary, collaborative efforts across schools and departments to address challenges facing genome sciences and engineering.

Our interdisciplinary efforts are focused in five areas:

Our leaders are interdisciplinary collaborators and entrepreneurs who participate in world-class genomics organizations like the ENCODE Consortium, the psychENCODE Consortium, the Roadmap Epigenomics Project, and the NIH Somatic Cell Gene Editing Consortium.

CAGT connects to local and national research communities through colloquiums and symposia. We engage with trainees to provide unique opportunities for both soft and technical skills development, including workshops, seminars, cross-lab hands-on training, and more.

The Center is supported by the Pratt School of Engineering, the Trinity School of Arts & Sciences, and the Duke University Medical Center.