Participating COOPT Faculty

Aravind Asokan, PhD 
Dr. Asokan engineers biological macromolecules and viruses for human gene therapy. 


Asokan Lab 

Pranam Chatterjee, PhD (beginning July 1, 2022)

Dr. Chatterjee develops diverse algorithmic modalities to discover, characterize, and engineer novel proteins for applications in genome editing, targeted protein modulation, and reproductive bioengineering.

Chatterjee profile


Maria Ciofani, PhD

Dr. Ciofani is interested in defining the transcriptional networks of T cell pathogenicity in autoimmune disease.

Ciofani Profile

Gregory E. Crawford, PhD

Dr. Crawford's research involves identifying gene regulatory elements across the genome to help us understand how chromatin structure dictates cell function and fate. 

Crawford Lab

Yarui Diao, PhD

Dr. Diao's research is focused on developing new functional genomics tools to study genome structure and function and using skeletal muscle regeneration and muscle stem cell as a model system to study gene regulation of tissue regeneration in health and diseases conditions.

Diao Lab

Charles Gersbach, PhD

Dr. Gersbach's research is dedicated to applying innovative methods in molecular and genetic engineering to regenerative medicine, treating genetic disease, and enhancing our understanding of fundamental biological processes. 

Gersbach Lab

Raluca Gordân, PhD

Dr. Gordân's lab develops quantitative computational and experimental approaches to identify and characterize transcriptional regulatory regions in the human genome. 

Gordân Lab

Simon Gregory, PhD

Dr. Gregory is interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying multi-factorial diseases. His lab is primarily interested identifying the complex genetic factors that give rise to multiple sclerosis (MS) and autism.

Gregory Lab

Alexander Hartemink, PhD

Dr. Hartemink is interested in developing new algorithms in statistical machine learning and artificial intelligence and applying those methods to complex problems in computational genomics.

Hartemink Lab

David G. Kirsch, MD, PhD

Dr. Kirsch is interested in utilizing mouse models of cancer to study cancer and radiation biology in order to develop new cancer therapies in the pre-clinical setting.

Kirsch Lab

Anoop Patel, MD

Dr. Patel focuses on using single cell technologies to understand tumor heterogeneity, with a special focus on malignant brain tumors. His lab is specifically interested in how heterogeneity contributes to treatment resistance and uses patient samples and complex model systems to study tumor evolution during therapy.

Ken Poss, PhD

Dr. Poss is interested in injury-induced regeneration of heart, spinal cored and appendages in zebrafish and exploratory methods to understand regeneration.

Poss Lab

Tim Reddy, PhD

Dr. Reddy is focused on understanding how genetic variation that alters gene regulation contributes to human traits including risk for common diseases such as diabetes. 

Reddy Lab

Purushothama Rao Tata, PhD

Dr. Tata is interested in defining gene regulatory networks in normal and pathological lung tissues at single cell resolution as well as using pharmacogenonmic apporaches to define signaling networks in lung stem cells.

Tata Lab

Jenny Tung, PhD

Dr. Tung is interested in the social determinants of gene regulation in experimental animal models and wild populations, with the goal of understanding how social interactions influence health, survival, and components of Darwinian fitness.

Tung Lab

Anne West, MD, PhD

Dr. West wants to understand at a cellular/molecular level how neuronal activity regulates the formation and maturation of synapses during brain development, and ultimately to use genetic model systems to understand how defects in this developmental process lead to cognitive dysfunction.

West Lab